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People are being taken from our communities and locked up in prison-like detention centres, without time limit, with no idea of when they might be released. This has to end. READ FULL ARTICLE
Paolo Gerbaudo examines the organisational revolution that is transforming political parties in the time of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, looking closely at Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and Momentum. READ FULL ARTICLE
Guppi Kaur Bola, Minnie Rahman and Bethan Lant discuss healthcare in the ‘hostile environment’, assessing the impact of privatisation, Brexit and the Windrush scandal. READ FULL ARTICLE

The Library in Exile

by Nathan Witt and Campus in Camps

During the Nakbah, one of the goals of the Israeli powers was obtaining the physical material of Palestinian culture. The Edward Said Library is working to reverse this cultural expropriation; preserving, ... READ FULL ARTICLE