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I know of no book at the moment in English ...

(Gino Bedani, Research Professor in Itali)

Andrews describes a new postmodern paradigm opening up in the ...

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[Andrews provides] unusually penetrating insights into the nature of the ...

(Jim Newell, Reader in Politics, Universi)

Congratulations to Pluto. This book is about Italy over the ...

(Tom Behan, Socialist Review)

It easily overshadows the few recent publications on Italian politics, ...

(Gino Bedani, Research Professor in Itali)

Not a Normal Country
Italy After Berlusconi

Product Description

'I know of no book in English dedicated with such focus and depth on Berlusconi’s politics. ... Geoff Andrew's grasp of political culture is profound and reflective.' Gino Bedani, Research Professor in Italian, University of Swansea

'[Andrews provides] unusually penetrating insights ... Beautifully written.' Jim Newell, Reader in Politics, University of Salford

Not a Normal Country explores Italian politics and culture in the era of Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s richest man and one of its longest serving prime ministers. Geoff Andrews argues that the ‘Berlusconi phenomenon’ was a populist response to widespread cynicism towards politics. Berlusconi posed as an ‘anti-politician’, and based his appeal on his virtues as a salesman rather than a statesman.

The second part of the book discusses the varied opposition to Berlusconi. This ranges from the anti-global demonstrations in Genoa in 2001 to unconventional protests such as the Girotondo movement led by the film director Nanni Moretti. According to Andrews, this new associationism has helped rebuild Italian politics.

Finally, Andrews looks to the future and, through the examples of anti-mafia protests in Sicily as well as opposition to the Americanisation of Italian culture, considers the prospects for the new post-Berlusconi Italy.

About The Author

Geoff Andrews is a writer and academic. His recent writing has been on modern Italy and he is the author of Not a Normal Country: Italy after Berlusconi (Pluto Press, 2005). He has also written on British politics and the history of social and political movements and his previous books include Endgames and New Times: The Final Years of British Communism (2004). In addition to his academic work, he also writes for a range of newspapers and journals, including the Financial Times, Open Democracy, and Soundings, of which he is an associate editor. He is currently Staff Tutor in Politics at the Open University. For further news of his recent writing go to

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