North Korea on the Brink
Struggle For Survival

Product Description

--Shows how the EU can engage with North Korea and persuade it to give up Nuclear Weapons--

North Korea's development and testing of nuclear weapons made headlines in the Western media, but is the country really a threat to the rest of the world? This accessible introduction examines the country's history and focuses on whether the threat is realistic or exaggerated by the US in order to gain international support for the controversial missile defence system. It also shows what the EU can do to engage with North Korea and counterbalance the US policy of isolationism.

North Korea is struggling to survive in the face of US threats of pre-emptive action and regime change by developing its own Weapons of Mass Destruction. For the EU, the challenge is to resolve this stand-off, providing North Korea with sufficient security guarantees to enable them to give up their nuclear weapons, and enough assistance to enable the economic and social reforms that the country so desperately needs.

About The Author

Glyn Ford, MEP, is the leader of the European Parliamentary Labour Party. In 1992 he was vice-President of the Socialist Group, the largest group in the European Parliament.

Soyoung Kwon is a Korean scholar, recently graduated from Cambridge with a Ph.D.

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