Law and Human Rights

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Few international instruments are more necessary today than the Geneva ...

(Professor Philippe Sands QC, University )

This book identifies relevant law, trends, factors, mutual self-interests at ...

(Jordan J. Paust, Mike & Teresa Baker)

The Geneva Conventions Under Assault

Product Description

Outrages committed during violent conflict and as part of the 'war on terror' are not only an affront to human dignity -- they also violate the Geneva Conventions.

This book examines recent high-profile cases of repeated and open abuse of the Conventions. The contributors explore why these and related violations of international humanitarian law cannot be viewed as anomalies, but must be regarded as part of a pattern which is set to undermine the Geneva Conventions as a whole.

The contributors argue that an international system in which there is diminishing legal restraint on the use of force means that the world will become less secure and more volatile, even for those in the most powerful countries. Individuals everywhere face the prospect of a horrifying vulnerability.

This is the first scholarly yet accessible work to consider the meanings of outrages such as the normalisation of torture, as well as the worrying new normative, technical and tactical developments that challenge the purpose and standing of the Geneva Conventions.

About The Author

Sarah Perrigo is Postgraduate Research Director at the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford.

Jim Whitman is a senior lecturer in the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford and general editor of the Palgrave Global Issues book series.

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