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Zionism and its Discontents
As the UK parliament takes a symbolic vote to recognise a Palestinian state we consider the history of the anti-Zionist movement...
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This is a very timely book. The Hollywood myth is ...

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Formidable... absolutely fascinating. ...

(Tony Benn)

a laudable study ... an eye opening exposé ... you'll ...

(Total Film)

American society has seen the increasing convergence of politics and ...

(Carl Boggs, co-author of The Hollywood W)

Reel Power is a powerful indictment of Hollywood's hidden foreignpolicy. ...

(David Robb, investigative journalist and)

'Well written, well researched, and deals with a less than ...

(Tom Rolf, Editor: Heat, Taxi Driver, 9 1)

This pithy and engaging book puts the Hollywood menu under ...

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A must read when researching Hollywood! ...

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No nonsense; excellent structure and outstanding research ...

(Jack Shaheen, author of Reel Bad Arabs)

Really exciting...terrific on many levels ...

(Haskell Wexler)

Reel Power
Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy

Product Description

Hollywood is often characterised as a stronghold of left-liberal ideals. In Reel Power, Matthew Alford shows that it is in fact deeply complicit in serving the interests of the most regressive US corporate and political forces.

Films like Transformers, Terminator: Salvation and Black Hawk Down are constructed with Defence Department assistance as explicit cheerleaders for the US military, but Matthew Alford also emphasises how so-called 'radical' films like Three Kings, Hotel Rwanda and Avatar present watered-down alternative visions of American politics that serve a similar function.

Reel Power is the first book to examine the internal workings of contemporary Hollywood as a politicised industry as well as scores of films across all genres. No matter what the progressive impulses of some celebrities and artists, Alford shows how they are part of a system that is hard-wired to encourage American global supremacy and frequently the use of state violence.

About The Author

Matthew Alford has written for the Guardian, New Statesman and BBC radio. He has also lectured at the Universities of Bath and Bristol.

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