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A book like a pocket lamp that contests darkness: the ...

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Our Way to Fight explores the stories of men and ...

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Our Way to Fight
Peace-Work Under Siege in Israel-Palestine

Product Description

Our Way to Fight follows the dangerous lives of peace activists in Israel and Palestine. It explores the crises that stirred them to act, the risks they face, and the small victories that sustain them.

Michael Riordon takes us to thousand year-old olive groves, besieged villages, refugee camps, checkpoints and barracks. In the face of deepening conflict, Our Way to Fight offers courageous grassroots action on both sides of the wall, and points the way to a liveable future.

These engaging stories will provide inspiration to peace activists in Israel, Palestine and across the world.

About The Author

Michael Riordon is the author of An Unauthorized Biography of the World: Oral History on the Front Lines (2005) and of three other books. He has also had numerous articles published and produced award-winning documentaries.

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