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Zionism and its Discontents
As the UK parliament takes a symbolic vote to recognise a Palestinian state we consider the history of the anti-Zionist movement...
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International studies

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Le Monde diplomatique offers a cool, reasoned, different view of ...

(New York Review of Books)

Le Monde diplomatique is more than ever indispensable to readers ...

(Eric Hobsbawm)

Le Monde diplomatique is a crusading voice in journalism with ...

(William Dalrymple)

The essential source for alternative thinking and creative remedies. ...

(Harper's Magazine)

To make sense of what is happening in the world, ...

(John Berger)

Unique, invaluable, reliable, the English edition is wonderful news for ...

(Noam Chomsky)

The Best of Le Monde diplomatique 2012

Product Description

Le Monde diplomatique is one of the most highly respected independent periodicals. Published monthly in French and English, it brings together a diverse range of high-calibre writers from across the world.

This book collects the paper's highlights from the last year. The articles have been carefully selected and are arranged around the key themes in our changing world including US imperialism, the financial crisis and the Arab Spring. Among the contributors are Slavoj Žižek, James K Galbraith and Philip S. Golub.

A perfect seasonal gift for anyone interested in global issues, The Best of Le Monde diplomatique goes beyond the news and illuminates the state of our planet.

About The Author

Wendy Kristianasen is the editor of Le Monde diplomatique in English, and a writer and journalist on the Middle East and wider Muslim world.

Additional Information

The Best of Le Monde diplomatique 2012 is also available in ebook format from a number of retailers. Click the following links for more purchasing information:

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Kindle (US)

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