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War Reporters Under Threat
Our special offer of the week. The book combines critical scholarship with investigative journalism to examine US government threat to journalists; a threat that has been ignored or largely dismissed to date.
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I have been reading Rob Larson's columns for some time, ...

(Noam Chomsky)

Larson adds a critical component to the policy debate about ...

(William Black, Associate Professor of Ec)

Whether illuminating the rapacious class war being waged by America’s ...

(Roger Bybee, labour journalist)

Robert Larson's range of topics and accessible writing make this ...

(Mary Zepernick, a founder of the Massach)

Larson has the incredible ability to break down complicated economic ...

(Tom Szymanski, Organizer of IBEW Local 2)

A Heartwarming Introduction to Financial Catastrophe, the Jobs Crisis and Environmental Destruction

Product Description

Bleakonomics is a short and darkly humorous guide to the three great crises plaguing today's world: environmental degradation, social conflict in the age of austerity and financial instability.

Written for anyone who is wondering how we’ve come to this point, Rob Larson holds mainstream economic theory up against the grim reality of a planet in meltdown. He looks at scientists’ conclusions about climate change, the business world’s opinions about its own power, and reveals the fingerprints of finance on American elections.

With a unique and engaging approach to each crucial subject, students, academics and activists will find a lot to appreciate in this quiet call-to-arms for a saner and more stable world.

About The Author

Rob Larson teaches Economics at Tacoma Community College in Washington State, USA. He is active with Occupy Tacoma and Jobs with Justice, and writes regularly for Dollars & Sense and Z Magazine.

Additional Information

Bleakonomics is also available in ebook format from a number of retailers. Click the following links for more purchasing information:

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