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Zionism and its Discontents
As the UK parliament takes a symbolic vote to recognise a Palestinian state we consider the history of the anti-Zionist movement...
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An honest and moving account of how Antony Lerman – ...

(Rabbi David J. Goldberg author of This I)

In this very courageous, personal yet intellectual exposé, Antony Lerman, ...

(Avrum Burg, former Speaker of the Israel)

Lerman's journey from fervent Zionist to thoughtful critic of Zionism ...

(Anne Karpf, sociologist, journalist and )

The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist
A Personal and Political Journey

Product Description

Antony Lerman traces his five-decade personal and political journey from idealistic socialist Zionist to controversial critic of Zionism and Israeli policies towards the Palestinians. As head of an influential UK Jewish think tank, he operated at the highest levels of international Jewish political and intellectual life.

He recalls his 1960s Zionist activism, two years spent on kibbutz and service in the IDF, followed by the gradual onset of doubts about Israel on returning to England. Assailed for his growing public criticism of Israeli policy and Zionism, he details his ostracism by the Jewish establishment.

Through his insider’s critique of Zionism, critical assessment of Jewish politics and analysis of the Israel-Palestine conflict Lerman presents a powerful, human rights-based argument about how a just peace can be achieved.

About The Author

Antony Lerman was Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. His work has appeared in many publications including the Guardian, The Independent, The Nation, Ha’aretz, Prospect and openDemocracy. He was editor of the academic journal Patterns of Prejudice and is a member of the Black-Jewish-Asian Forum.

Additional Information

The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist is also available in ebook format from a number of retailers. Click the following links for more purchasing information:

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Apology and retraction:

A passage in Mr Lerman's book The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist inaccurately states that Professor Daniel Hochhauser of UCH intentionally misrepresented Mr Lerman's position or views with regard to the Iranian President to others. This is untrue: Professor Hochhauser was in fact correctly representing a published interview given by Mr Lerman. We will retract that passage of the book from future prints and both we and Mr Lerman have apologised to Professor Hochhauser for the error.

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