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I’ve been waiting for this book all century – a ...

(Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved)

Chronicling the state of development in the wake of the ...

(Dinah Rajak, Senior Lecturer in Anthropo)

Comprehensive in its coverage of changes in the global economy, ...

(Andreas Bieler, Professor of Political E)

In this powerful, timely book, John Hilary contends that capitalism ...

(Aziz Choudry, Assistant Professor, Integ)

'The Poverty of Capitalism is an important read not only ...

(Sarah Morley, LSE Review of Books)

The Poverty of Capitalism
Economic Meltdown and the Struggle for What Comes Next

Product Description

Capitalist growth is widely heralded as the only answer to the crisis still sweeping the global economy. Yet the era of corporate globalisation has been defined by unprecedented levels of inequality and environmental degradation. A return to capitalist growth threatens to exacerbate these problems, not solve them.

In The Poverty of Capitalism, John Hilary reveals the true face of transnational capital in its insatiable drive for expansion and accumulation. He exposes the myth of ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR), and highlights key areas of conflict over natural resources, labour rights and food sovereignty.

Hilary also describes the growing popular resistance to corporate power, as well as the new social movements seeking to develop alternatives to capitalism itself. This book will be essential reading for all those concerned with global justice, human rights and equity in the world order.

About The Author

John Hilary is Executive Director of War on Want.

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The Poverty of Capitalism is also available in ebook format from a number of retailers. Click the following links for more purchasing information:

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