A Guide to Methods and Data Sources for Media, Business, and Government

Product Description

Demographics has become a critical dimension of the work of many journalists, business professionals, and government analysts and managers. Yet those who are not professional demographers often find locating and effectively using demographics difficult.

Written by leading authorities, Demographics provides a single-volume resource that is readily understandable by everyone. It describes and demonstrates how students and working professionals can obtain, use, and communicate demographic information effectively. Consisting of ten chapters organized into four sections on basic demographic concepts, definitions, and methods, this book includes sources of demographic and economic data as well as explanations and examples of how to effectively and accurately use them.

About The Author

Steve H. Murdock is Lutcher Brown Distinguished Chair in Management Science and Statistics at the University of Texas, San Antonio. He is State Demographer of Texas and Director of the Texas State Data Center.

Chris Kelley is the editor of, Web site of The Dallas Morning News.

Jeffrey Jordan works at the Institute for Demographic and Economic Research at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

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