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Zionism and its Discontents
As the UK parliament takes a symbolic vote to recognise a Palestinian state we consider the history of the anti-Zionist movement...
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About Us

Pluto Press is one of the world’s leading radical publishers, specialising in progressive, critical perspectives in politics and the social sciences. Based in London, we have been active for over 40 years and independent since 1979. We have more than 800 titles in print by authors such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, John Pilger, Susan George, Ziauddin Sardar, Greg Palast, Eduardo Galeano and Vandana Shiva.

At Pluto we acknowledge the changing times in the way people are approaching books and ideas; we also firmly believe that the need for widespread critical engagement with the traditions of Marxism, anarchism and feminism (to name but a few) has never been stronger. As such, since January 2012 almost all newly released Pluto titles have been available from Amazon Kindle,, Nook, Kobo and many other eBook platforms, in addition to more traditional print runs. In 2013 we began digitising our backlist, with more to come in 2014. You can find out more about Pluto's ebooks here.