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Against Austerity
An alternative to the abominable Tory party conference this week...
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Counterfire is a socialist organisation which campaigns against capitalism, war and injustice. It organises nationally, locally and through its website and print publications, operating as part of broader mass movements, for a society based on democracy, equality and human need. Counterfire stands in the revolutionary Marxist tradition, believing that radical change can come only through the mass action of ordinary people. To find out more, visit
The Counterfire book series aims to present radical perspectives on history, society and current affairs to a general audience of trade unionists, students and other activists. The best measure of its success will be the degree to which it inspires readers to be active in the struggle to change the world.

Series editor

Neil Faulkner is a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, co-director of several archaeological field-projects, and author of numerous books, including A Visitor’s Guide to the Ancient Olympics (2012) and Rome: Empire of the Eagles (2008). He is a leading member of Counterfire and publicity officer for the Coalition of Resistance.