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History of Economic Thought

History of Economic Thought

by Isaac Ilyich Rubin

Afterword by Catherine Colliot-Thelene

Situates Marx's economic thought in relation to the economic theories which predate him - from mercantilism to John Stuart Mill.
This is an important and unparalleled work which situated Marx's economic theory in relation to the economic theories that predate him - from mercantilism to John Stuart Mill. First published in 1929, the book dates from the fertile period of Marxist economic theory that produced the works of Preobrazhensky, Kondratiev and Bukharin. However as a review of pre-Marxist economics it stands out from the many books which dwell only on the contemporary industrialisation debates.

This is a selective reading of economic thought, offering analysis of those elements in past economics that accord with the areas of interest to Marxism. Each section gives a brief analysis of a specific school of thought, with particular attention to the social and ideological climate within which it evolved. The book differs from orthodox accounts in not merely mentioning historical background but using it as a central explanation of the evolution of economic theories.

As a counterpoint to Rubin, Catherine Colliot-Thelene has written a daring essay which locates a crucial flaw in the logical structure of Marx's Capital.

Isaac Ilych Rubin was born in Russia in 1886. He was an active participant in the Revolution and afterwards became a professor of marxist economics and a research assistant at the Marx-Engels Institute. He was arrested in 1930, apparently for having a close association with David Riazanov whom Stalin disliked. He was subsequently 'removed from among the living'.

Catherine Colliot-Thelene is a French philosopher  

1. Mercantilism and its decline
2. The Physiocrats
3. Adam Smith
4. David Ricardo
5. The Decline of the Classical School
6. A Brief Review of the Course
Afterword by Catherine Colliot-Thelene
Published by Pluto Press in Jan 1987
Paperback ISBN: 9780745303017
eBook ISBN: 9781783716340

400 pages

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