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Psychology and Society

Psychology and Society

Radical Theory and Practice

Edited by Ian Parker and Russell Spears

Explores connections between psychology and Marxism, to make sense of what has become a double crisis
This book brings together contributors from different countries, covering a wide range of social science and social welfare traditions within psychology: from behaviourism to psychoanalysis.

This cutting-edge and controversial collection of essays tackles many of the crises facing both radical politics and psychology in the light of multifarious 'post' debates. Providing a lucid overview and keen discussion, this collection contextualises developments at the interface between politics and psychology within a historical materialist framework, and connects the political practice of radicals in psychology with perspectives for change in contemporary Marxism.

This radical volume creates a unique site for psychologists on the left to explore key issues in a changing political climate.

Ian Parker is Professor of Management in the School of Management at the University of Leicester and President of the College of Psychoanalysts-UK. He is the author of Psychology and Society (Pluto, 1996), Slavoj Zizek: A Critical Introduction (Pluto, 2004), Revolution in Psychology (Pluto, 2007) and Revolutionary Keywords for a New Left (2015).

Russell Spears is Professor of Social Psychology at the Universiet van Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is currently editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology.

'An impressive attempt to reclaim Marxism for psychology, and to collect together some of the best recent work in this tradition' - Psychology in Society 'Serves to introduce undergraduate students to important, but neglected, traditions' - Journal of the History of Behavioural Science
Marxist Theses and Psychological Themes
Russell Spears and Ian Parker
1. The Challenge of Historical Materialist Epistemology by Edward S Reed
2. Evolution, Biology and Psychology from a Marxist Point of View by Robert M Young
3. Marxism, The Frankfurt School, and Working Class Psychology by Martin Roiser and Carla Willig
4. Psychology and Marxist Politics in America by Benjamin Harris
5. Radical Behaviourism, Selectionism and Social Action by Jerome D Ulman
6. Convergences with Psycho-Analysis by R D Hinshelwood
7. Critical Psychology as Subject Science by Wolfgang Maiers and Charles W Tolman
8. V N Volosinov and Social Psychology by Liam Greenslade
9. Newman`s Practice of Method Completes Vygotsky by Lois Holzman
10. Pick a Utopia, Any Utopia: How to be Critical in Critical Social Psychology by Mike Michael
11. The Psychology of Everyday Life: Some Marxist Reflections by Grahame Hayes
12. Emotion and Politics by Paul Hoggett
13. Incarcerated Women: Transformative Strategies by Kum-Kum Bhavnani and Angela Y Davis
14. The Revolutionary Psychology of Lev Davidovich Bronstein by Ian Parker
15. Rethinking Empowerment: Shared Action Against Powerlessnes by Mark Burton and Carolyn Kagan
16. Therapy, Consciousness-Raising and the Future in Psychology by Jane Selby and Ben Bradley
17. Participant Action-Research: Myths and Fallacies by Bernardo Jimnez-Dominguez
18. The Reactionary Practice of Radical Psychology: Revoking the Faustian Contract by Stephen Reicher
Notes on Contributors
Published by Pluto Press in Jul 1996
Paperback ISBN: 9780745308791

150mm x 230mm