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Development Practitioners and Social Process

Development Practitioners and Social Process

Artists of the Invisible

by Allan Kaplan

A radically new approach to the understanding of organisations and communities and to the practice of social development
This book explores the practice of organisation development and group change in a way that will appeal to anyone involved in working towards social transformation. Drawing on extensive experience gained through many years of process consultancy within the development sector - mainly in Africa and Europe - as well as on the work of Goethe and Jung, Allan Kaplan presents a radically new approach to the understanding of organisations and communities and to the practice of social development.

Challenging the tendency to reduce development to a technical operation that attempts to control, Kaplan's approach embraces the full complexity of the process of social transformation. He describes the terrain of social change whilst simultaneously providing exercises through which practitioners can enrich their abilities to respond to the mix of chaos and order which characterise social development. Exploring this delicate balance, Kaplan inspires a sense of responsibility and possibility for the discipline, and reveals how development groups can intervene in social situations in a manner that is both humane and effective.

Allan Kaplan is co-founder of the Proteus Initiative, and former Director of the Community Development Resource Association in Cape Town, South Africa. He specialises in working with NGOs and community-based organisations across Southern and East Africa, as well as in Europe. He is the author of Development Practitioners and Social Process (Pluto, 2002) and The Development Practitioners' Handbook (Pluto, 1996).

The Endeavour - A Preface
Social Process and the Practitioner - A Synopsis
SECTION I - observation
1. Beyond Reductionism
2. Emergence
3. Life’s Resources
4. Intuition - Seeing Holistically
5. Indications for Practice
Exercise - Drawing
6. Revisiting the Whole
Exercise - Listening (1)
SECTION II - understanding
7. Freedom and Constraint
Exercise - Developing the Core
8. Balancing Heaven and Earth
Exercise - Creative Thinking (1)
9. The Creative Round
Exercise - Growth and Decay
10. On Becoming
Exercise - Reading Oneself
11. Dancing with Shadows
Exercise - Exploring Shadows
12. Paradoxes of Power
Exercise - Fingering Power
13. The Pattern of Reversal
Exercise - Making Culture Conscious
SECTION III - change
14. The Narrative Thread
Exercise - Discovering Wonder
15. Stories from the Field
Exercise - Characterisation
16. Metamorphosis
Exercise - Turning Points
17. Guidance
Exercise - Listening (2)
18. Rites of Passage
Exercise - The Elements
19. Consolidating Change
Exercise - Working with Peers
SECTION IV - practice
20. Discerning
Exercise - Creative Thinking (2)
21. Co-creating
Exercise - Questioning
22. Emptying
Exercise - Shifting the Pattern
23. Awakening
Published by Pluto Press in Apr 2002
Paperback ISBN: 9780745310183
eBook ISBN: 9781783715411

240 pages

135mm x 215mm