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From Occupation to Independence

From Occupation to Independence

A History of the Peoples of the English-Speaking Caribbean Region

Richard Hart




The development and legacy of the slave trade

Richard Hart's concise and accessible history of the peoples of the English-speaking West Indies spans five centuries, from the early days of settlement, through colonisation to the achievement of political independence.

Covering all the larger territories Hart focuses on the key events, significant political and social movements and prominent figures in the region's history. He looks at the slave trade and its overwhelming social and economic legacy during the last two centuries, and at the growth and structure of colonial resistance.

Hart also considers the impact of colonial legislation and the effects of constitutional change on non-whites of the region, and their struggle for enfranchisement and self determination.

Richard Hart was a leading Caribbean scholar, trade unionist and political activist for over six decades. He wrote widely on politics, history and law and is the author of Slaves Who Abolished Slavery (1980-85) and Rise and Organise (1989).

'Hart is a teacher of great skill and lucidity ... This book is a genuine popular history' - Morning Star

1. Amerindian and European Penetration
2. Thieves Falling Out
3. Sugar and Slavery
4. Slavery and Exploitation
5. Resistance and Rebellion In the 17th and 18th Centuries
6. British Abolitionists
7. 19th Century Slave Rebellions And Emancipation
8. Restricted Acquisition of Land
9. Worker-Employer Relations After Abolition
10. The Use of Indentured Labour
11. Crown Colony Government
12. Internal Self-Government with A Colour Bar
13. The Morant Bay Rebellion
14. The Constitutional Surrenders
15. Imperialism and National Aspirations
16. Pioneering Nationalistic Organisation
17. Labour Unrest and Organisation 1875 to 1930
18. Labour Rebellions 1934-1937
19. Labour Rebellion in Jamaica 1938: The West India Royal
Commission 1938-39
20. Towards Decolonisation
21. Nationalist Political Parties
22. Onwards to Independence
Published by Pluto Press in Oct 1998
Paperback ISBN: 9780745313771

200 pages

135mm x 215mm