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Imperial Israel and the Palestinians

Imperial Israel and the Palestinians

The Politics of Expansion

by Nur Masalha

A critical history of Israel's expansionist politics that reveals how imperialist tendencies run the gamut from Left to Right
This book is a history of Israel's expansionist policies, focusing on the period from the June War of 1967 to the present day. He demonstrates that imperialist tendencies in Israel run the political gamut, from Left to Right.

Masalha argues that the heart of the conflict between Zionist immigrants/settlers and the native Palestinians has always been about land, territory, demography and water. He documents how Israeli policy has made it a priority to expel the Palestinians, either by war or peaceful measures. But these imperialist tendencies are not restricted to extremist zealots. The author uncovers the expansionist policies found in Labour Zionism and Kookist ideology.

Chapters cover the Whole Land of Israel Movement, Zionist Revisionism and the Likud Party, Gush Emunim and the religious fundamentalists, parties and movements of the far right and the evolution of Israeli Jewish public attitudes since 1967.

Nur Masalha is Palestinian Historian and Director of the Centre for Religion and History at St. Mary's University. He is the author of many books on Palestine-Israel, including The Palestine Nakba (Zed, 2014), The Politics of Denial (Pluto Press, 2003) and Imperial Israel and the Palestinians (Pluto Press, 2000).

'This very timely book shows absolutely that there can be no peace with Zionism. Exhaustively researched, with a bibliography almost as long as the book itself, the author seems to have had limitless access to Israeli central state archives ... This is an extremely useful book' - News Line/Marxist Review 'Profusely documented and is marked by intelligent andrigorous analysis, a welcome addition to a growing literature on a crucial subject, and it is nothing less than indispensable' - Naseer Aruri, Journal of Palestine Studies
1. Labour Zionism’s ‘Activists’: New Territorial Maximalism and the Whole Land of Israel Movement, 1967-1977
2. Zionist Revisionism and the Likud: From Jabotinsky to Netanyahu
Jabotinsky’s Legacy
Proposals of Jabotinsky’s Disciples
The Post-1967 Period
The Likud in Power
Netanyahu and the Oslo Process
3. Jewish Fundamentalism, Greater Israel and the Palestinians: Gush Emunim, Settlement and Nationalist-Religious Messianic Trend
The Politics of Amalek
Proposals of Fundamentalist Academics:
Other Racist Groups
4. The Secular Ultranationalists: Parties and Movements of the Far Right
5. The Public Opinion Debate
Evolving Jewish Attitudes, the Palestinians and Greater Israel
The ‘Demographic Threat’ Debate
Sammy Smooha’s Attitudinal Data
The Impact of the ‘Peace Process’
Select Bibliography
Published by Pluto Press in Jul 2000
Hardcover ISBN: 9780745316208

288 pages

135mm x 215mm