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Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard

In Radical Uncertainty

Mike Gane

Series: Modern European Thinkers

Presents Baudrillard’s key concepts and examines his contribution to postmodernism, feminism, technology, art, war, time and politics

Mike Gane provides an introduction to recent developments in French theorist Jean Baudrillard's thinking. This volume reflects Baudrillard's new concern with radical uncertainty and the way in which he has reconfigured his earlier thinking in the light of more recent ideas and theories.

The author disputes the notion that Baudrillard has now become an increasingly extreme theorist, remote from the realities of the world - and argues instead that new developments in Baudrillard's work are a more appropriate reflection on a world of extremes. This book explicitly challenges the conservative response to Baudrillard's work, and underlines the significance of what Baudrillard himself terms the 'fourth order of simulation', in a major contribution to new debates on the significance of recent developments in Western culture and society.

Mike Gane is Chair of the Sociology Department at Loughborough University, and has written numerous books on ideology, cultural and literary theory, gender and social theory, including Jean Baudrillard (Pluto Press, 2000).

1. Jean Baudrillard
2. Overvie
3. Vulnerability
4. Reality and Hyperreality
5. Uncertainty
6. Bathos of Technology
7. Sex and Gender
8. War
9. Art and Photography
10. Conclusion
Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2000
Paperback ISBN: 9780745316352

128 pages

135mm x 215mm