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Ethnography and Prostitution in Peru

Ethnography and Prostitution in Peru

by Lorraine Nencel

Series: Anthropology, Culture and Society

A study of prostitution within the third world
In this study of prostitution, Lorraine Nencel interrogates the ways in which sexuality, gender and illicit behaviour have been constructed (and deconstructed) over the years.

This is a richly detailed ethnographic account that interweaves narrative with theory. Nencel deals with issues such as AIDS, machismo and the regulation of the sex trade. She analyses the question of whether sex workers are victims or agents of control. In challenging conventional approaches to the study of sex workers and prostitution, Nencel has produced an original and provocative new study that is likely to provoke further discussion and debate.

Lorraine Nencel is a researcher at the Amsterdam Research Institute for Global Issues and Development Studies and is a member of the editorial board of Critique of Anthropology.

'Excellent' - The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 'A very lively study. Very engaging, bound to find a market both within and outside anthropology, not least among feminist scholars' - Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Introduction: Zooming In On The Locality
Scene One
Scene Two
The Conceptual Plot
Women Who Prostitute In Lima, A Nine Part Story
Part One: Engendered Enclosures
1: A Historical Narrative Of Prostitution
The Making Of The History Of Prostitution
The Call For Regulation (1858-1909)
The State Of Affairs And The Need To Regulate
The Regulation Takes Root (1910-1930's)
Abolition And Social Change:
The Other Solution To The Prostitution Problem
Jiron Huatica- Abolition Or Regulation:
The Campaign Of The Magazine ¡Ya!(1949)
Patterns Of Repetitivity And Gender Meanings
2: Read All About It:
Gender Meanings And The Written Press
A Discursive Explosion: ‘The Tormented Passion Between The Magnate And The Courtesan’
(Mis)Representations Of Prostitution And The Prostitutie In The Written Media
The Counter Discourse: Feminism And Sexual Slavery
Fixed Images With No Way Out
3: Prostitution And The Construction Of Men’s Sexual Selves
From The Theoretical Lookout Point
The Interviews: The Public Presentation Of The Sexual Self
Talking Sexuality
Labelling Women
Going To The Prostitutes
The Prostitute As Sexual Versus The Social Actor
Constructing Sexual Selves
Part Two: Day And Night
4: Writing Up The Rhythm Of Fieldwork: An Introduction To Part Two.
The Rythm Of Fieldwork
Epistemological And Ethical Dissonancde
An Ethnography Of Fieldwork
5: Shaping Identities In First Encounters
Getting To Know The Women At Clara’s
Crafting Everydayness
Shaping Identities
6: Between The Stove And The Kitchen Table
Everyday Dynamics Of Everyday Relationships
El Paquetazo
Condom Talks
A Few Words Dedicated To The Subject Of Sexuality
The Funeral
Inventing A Moment Of Closure
7: The Fusion Of Truths Into Illusions:The Night Life And Street Prostitution
El Ambiente
Love And Relationships Under The Moonlight
8: Between The Four Walls: Embodying
And Enacting The Prostitute
The Crazy Horse: Another Gendered Enclosure
Mapping Out Profiles
Performing The Prostitute
An Epilogue
9: Gender Enclosures And Gendered Identities
A Brief Recapitulation In A Theoretical Mode
Gendered Enclosures And Gender Meanings
Gender Identities: Self-Representations And Subjectivity
The Production Of Fixed Illusions And The Postponement Of Change
Notes And References
Published by Pluto Press in Apr 2001
Paperback ISBN: 9780745316611

256 pages

135mm x 215mm