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Faking Democracy After Dayton

by David Chandler

Damning critique of the so-called 'democratisation' process in Bosnia since the war
The Dayton Accords brought the Bosnian war to an end in November 1995, establishing a detailed framework for the reconstitution of the Bosnian state and its consolidation through a process of democratisation.

In Bosnia David Chandler makes the first in-depth critical analysis of the policies and impact of post-Dayton democratisation. Drawing on interviews with key officials within the OSCE in Bosnia and extensive original research exploring the impact of policies designed to further political pluralism, develop multi-ethnic administrations, protect human rights and support civil society,

Chandler reveals that the process has done virtually nothing to develop democracy in this troubled country. Political autonomy and accountability are now further away than at any time since the outbreak of the Bosnian war.

David Chandler is Professor of International Relations, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster. He has written widely on democracy, human rights and international relations and is the author of Hollow Hegemony (Pluto, 2009), Empire in Denial (Pluto, 2006), From Kosovo to Kabul and Beyond (Pluto, 2005) and Bosnia (Pluto, 2000).

'A devastating analysis' - Simon Jenkins, The Times
List of Abbreviations
1. The Democratisation Discourse
2. Dayton and Sovereignty
3. Power-sharing and Multi-ethnic Administrations
4. The Protection of Human Rights
5. Challenging Nationalism: The Supervision of Elections and
Support for an Open Media
6. Building Civil Society
7. Assessments
8. The External Dynamic of Democratisation
9. Conclusion
Published by Pluto Press in Mar 2000
Paperback ISBN: 9780745316895

135mm x 215mm