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Fools' Crusade

Fools' Crusade

Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions

by Diana Johnstone

Why the the 'War in Kosovo' was the model for future destruction of countries
In the endless series of United States military interventions, the 'humanitarian' bombing of Yugoslavia played a key role in gaining support of the centre left for war as an instrument of policy.

Thanks to massive deception and self-deception by media and politicians, even the anti-globalisation movement failed to grasp the implications of the aggressive military globalisation pursued by the United States, from Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond.

In this study, Diana Johnstone identifies the common geopolitical interests running through all these past, present and future military interventions. She argues persuasively that outside intervention creates rather than solves problems and cannot be justified.

Johnstone shows that the 'War in Kosovo' was in reality the model for future destruction of countries seen as potential threats to the hegemony of the 'International Community', led by the United States.

Diana Johnstone is a distinguished essayist and columnist, who writes frequently for CounterPunch and ZNet among many high-profile publications in Europe and the US. She is the author of Fools' Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions (Pluto, 2002). Her articles on the Balkans have been translated in many European languages. She lives in Paris.

'A 'must' book for progressives, and for anybody who wants to cut through the remarkable structure of disinformation regarding the Kosovo war. An excitingly original and powerful book' - Edward S. Herman
Chapter One: The Yugoslav Guinea Pig
1. Invisible Serbia
2. Invisible Economic Causes
3. Invisible Croatia
4. Greater Serbia or Smaller Yugoslavia?
5. Integrating Europe, Disintegrating Yugoslavia
6. Multicultural Bosnia Versus Multicultural Yugoslavia
Chapter Two: Moral Dualism In A Multicultural World
1. Manichean Media
2. Creating Public Opinion
3. The Uses of Rape
4. Criminalizing the Rogues
5. Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent
6. The Long Arm of Globalization
Chapter Three: Comparative Nationalisms
1. From State-Building to State-Breaking
2. Slovenia: the End of Solidarity
3. Croatian Nationalism: the End of Yugoslavism
Chapter Four: The Making Of Empires
1. Germany Is Born Again
2. Reclaiming the Habsburg Heritage
Chapter Five: The New Imperial Model
1. Albanians: A People In Search of an Empire
2. Victims and Vengeance
3. The Triumph of Hatred
4. Democracy in the New World Order
Postscript: Perpetual War
1. The Idealisation of War
2. The Real Existing New World Order
Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2002
Paperback ISBN: 9780745319506
eBook ISBN: 9781783715794

328 pages

135mm x 215mm