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Racism in the Irish Experience

Racism in the Irish Experience

by Steve Garner

Situates the Irish experience within both the historical development of an Irish 'racial' consciousness and contemporary patterns of migration
Ireland's unique position as the only state in the European Union to have been colonised, coupled with the ambivalent experiences of Irish people within the British Empire, means that issues of 'race' in Ireland are overlaid by complex social and historical forces.

This book is a unique analysis of the racialisation of Irish identities. The author examines key phases in the historical development of an Irish 'racial' consciousness, including 16th century colonisation and 19th century immigration to America and Great Britain. He then examines the legacy of this relationship, both in terms of the new migration into Ireland and relations with indigenous minorities - travellers and Irish Jews.

Garner explores the problematic links between nationalist ideologies and racism. He assesses the economic, social and political factors framing the experience of minorities in contemporary Ireland, and places these in a broader European context.

Steve Garner is Lecturer in Sociology at Aston University. Throughout his academic career he has been engaged with questions such as 'What does 'race' mean?', 'How does racism work?', and 'How can racial equality be achieved?' He is the author of Racism in the Irish Experience (Pluto, 2003), Whiteness (Routledge, 2007) and Racisms (Sage, 2009).

'A timely reminder for anyone concerned with the directions Irish civic society is taking' - Mic Moroney
1. Sociological Frameworks For Understanding Racism
2. Money, Migrations And Attitudes
3. Racing The Irish In The 16th And 17th Centuries
4. The ‘Filthy Aristocracy Of Skin’: Becoming White In The USA
5. In The Belly Of The Beast: 19th Century Britain, Empire And The Role Of ‘Race’ In Home Rule
6. Other People’s Diasporas: The Racialisation Of The Refugee Issue
7. New Racism, Old Racisms And The Role Of Migratory Experience
8. ‘Remember Blanqui?’: Nation-State, Community And Some Paradoxes Of Anti-Racism
9. Beyond The New Socio-Economic ‘Pale’: Racialisation And Belonging In Contemporary Ireland
10. Conclusion
Appendix 1. Definitions Of GDP, Etc.
Appendix 2. Definitions Of Poverty
Appendix 3. Surveys On Attitudes Towards Minorities And Minorities Experiences Of Racism-Discrimination In The Republic Of Ireland, 1972-2001
Appendix 4. Address From The People Of Ireland To Their Countrymen And Countrywomen In America, 1842
Appendix 5. Tables On Italians’ Attitudes Toward Migrants
Published by Pluto Press in Dec 2003
Paperback ISBN: 9780745319964

140mm x 216mm