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Peaceful Resistance

Peaceful Resistance

Building a Palestinian University Under Occupation

by Gabi Baramki

The inspiring and sobering story of Palestine's oldest university
This book tells the remarkable story of Birzeit University, Palestine's oldest university in the Occupied Territories.

Founded against the backdrop of occupation, it is open to all students, regardless of income. Putting the study of democracy and tolerance at the heart of its curriculum, Birzeit continues to produce idealistic young people who can work to bring about a peaceful future.

Gabi Baramki explains how the University has survived against shocking odds, including direct attacks where Israeli soldiers have shot unarmed students. Baramki himself has been dragged from his home at night, beaten and arrested. Yet Birzeit continues to thrive, putting peace at the heart of its teaching, and offering Palestinians the opportunities that only education can bring.

Gabi Baramki was a major figure in the Palestinian resistance movement, who devoted his life to education at Birzeit University, including 19 years as President of the University. He co-founded the PEACE and was awarded the Medal Palme Academique by the French Ministry of Education. He is the author of Peaceful Resistance (Pluto, 2009).

'Gabi Baramki's tireless devotion to Birzeit University has allowed the institution to survive and even thrive against incredible odds' - President Jimmy Carter, from the Foreword 'A tribute to the humanity of Palestinians, individually and collectively, who have managed to prevail under the most dehumanising conditions of the Israeli military occupation. An authentic and powerful act of affirmation' - Dr Hanan Ashrawi 'Told with humanity, dignity and humour, Birzeit's personal story is a beacon of hope in a troubled world' - Sir Michael Francis Atiyah, OM, FRS, FRSE An inspiring account' - Paolo Cotta-Ramusino Secretary General of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
1. Growing Up in Palestine
2. Peace and War
3. Occupation and Education
4. Targeting Birzeit
5. Developing Birzeit
6. 'Cells of Illegal Education'
7. 'Shaking Off' and Being Shaken
8. Not Obeying Orders
10. Harassment and Hair Gel
11. Preaching to the Choir
Appendix i Chronology - Birzeit University
Appendix ii Deportation Statement from Hanna Nasir November 74
Appendix iii Israeli lies and half-truths 16 January 1979
Appendix iv Press release from BZU after 1979 closure
Appendix v BZU press release after opening in April 1992
Appendix vi Report from 5 Hebrew University professors
on order 854 - 1980
Appendix vii-a Example of Required loyalty oath. A Commitment form - 1982-3
Appendix vii-b work permit A with item 18 - 1980
Appendix vii-c work permit B without item 18 - 1980
Appendix viii Letter to Secretary Baker - March 1992
Location of Photograph and Maps
Map-Photograph Captions
Published by Pluto Press in Oct 2009
Paperback ISBN: 9780745329314

135mm x 215mm