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More Bad News From Israel

More Bad News From Israel

by Greg Philo and Mike Berry

Examination of media coverage of the conflict in the Middle East

Building on rigorous research by the world-renowned Glasgow University Media Group, More Bad News From Israel examines media coverage of the conflict in the Middle East and the impact it has on public opinion.

The book brings together senior journalists and ordinary viewers to examine how audiences understand the news and how their views are shaped by media reporting. In the largest study ever undertaken in this area, the authors focus on television news, illustrating major differences in the way Israelis and Palestinians are represented, including how casualties are shown and the presentation of the motives and rationales of both sides.

Combining these findings with extensive audience research involving hundreds of participants from the USA, Britain and Germany, More Bad News From Israel is a masterclass in understanding how people perceive the conflict thanks to media bias.

Greg Philo was an activist academic and Professor of Communications and Social Change at Glasgow University. He co-founded Glasgow University Media Group, where he fearlessly uncovered news bias and power in the media. He co-authored Bad News for Labour, More Bad News from Israel and Bad News for Refugees, amongst other books.

Mike Berry is Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham and, with Greg Philo, is the author of Israel and Palestine: Competing Histories (Pluto, 2006) and More Bad News from Israel (Pluto, 2011).

'This superb study ... is extensive in scope, and scrupulously fair. It will be a landmark' - Edward S. Herman, co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of Manufacturing Consent 'Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is often dangerously superficial. Bad News from Israel is a strong contribution to scholarship and public debate' - John D.H. Downing, Director, Global Media Research Center, Southern Illinois University 'Just about everything that we know about Israel/Palestine comes to us from our television screens. Bad News from Israel reveals remarkable levels of ignorance about what and why things are as they are' - Professor Frank Webster, City University, London 'A remarkable book' - Professor Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel, Université de Lille III and Paris VIII
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1. Histories of the Conflict
2. Content Studies 2000-2002
3. Audience Studies 2001-2002
4. Why Does it Happen?
5. Conclusions on the 2000-2002 Content and Audience Samples
6. News Content and Explanations of the 2008-9 Gaza Attack
7. Audience Understanding of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict and the Gaza Attack 2008-9
8. The Attack on the Gaza Flotilla, 2010
9. Conclusions
Published by Pluto Press in Apr 2011
Paperback ISBN: 9780745329789
eBook ISBN: 9781783710751

135mm x 215mm