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What We Are Fighting For

What We Are Fighting For

A Radical Collective Manifesto

Edited by Federico Campagna and Emanuele Campiglio

The first radical, collective manifesto of the new decade

*Shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Prize, 2013*

From the pens of major figures of the anti-austerity movement, comes the first radical, collective manifesto of the new decade.

From participatory democracy to media reform, from direct action to communal living, What Are We Fighting For is a bold look at alternatives to the economic, social and political travesty of contemporary capitalism. Chapters from Owen Jones, David Graeber, John Holloway, Nina Power, Mark Fisher, Franco Berardi Bifo and Marina Sitrin show a multifaceted but collective desire for a better world.

Anarchists, communists, feminists and autonomists come together to inspire us to think beyond neoliberalism.

Federico Campagna is a writer and activist. He is one of the founders of the journal Through Europe and contributes to a number of magazines and radio programmes in Italy and the UK. He organised the 'What are we struggling for?' conference at the ICA, London, and is the editor of Franco Berardi Bifo's forthcoming reader.

Emanuele Campiglio is a Researcher at the New Economics Foundation.

'Here are the first flowers of spring: the beginning of an epochal dialogue about the human future. Inspired by the Occupy movements across the world, What We Are Fighting For should inspire all of us to join the conversation'

- Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums and City of Quartz.

'A rallying point for all those who resist the dogmas of contemporary politics and seek a fresh set of alternatives'

- Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy at the New School, New York, and author of The Faith of the Faithless (2012).

Part 1 - New Economics
1. Michael Albert - Participatory Economics From Capitalism
2. Ann Pettifor - Let Ideas and Art Be International, Goods Be Homespun and Finance Primarily National
3. Milford Bateman - A New Local Financial System For Sustainable Communities
4. Shaun Chamberlin - The Struggle For Meaning
Part 2 - New Governance
5. Richard Seymour - Towards a New Model Commune
6. Peter Hallward - The Dictatorship of the People
7. Mark J Smith - Practical Utopianism and Ecological Citizenship
8. Marina Sitrin - Occupy: Making Democracy a Question
Part 3 - New Public
9. Owen Jones - New Class Politics
10. Hilary Wainwright - “An Excess of Democracy”
11. Dan Hind - A Program of Media Reform
12. Zillah Eisenstein - Renewing Intersectionality
Part 4 - New Social Imagination
13. Mark Fisher - Post-Capitalist Desire
14. Franco Berardi Bifo - The Transversal Function of Disentaglement
15. Saul Newman - Why Do We Obey
16. Federico Campagna - Squandering
Part 5 - Tactics of Struggle
17. David Graeber - Revolution of Common Sense
18. Nina Power - Winning the Media War
19. Alberto Toscano - Reforming the Unreformable
20. Solidarity Federation - Direct Action and Unmediated Struggle
21. John Holloway - Rage Against the Rule of Money

Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2012
Paperback ISBN: 9780745332857
eBook ISBN: 9781849647625

129mm x 198mm