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A Collection of Ranter Writings

A Collection of Ranter Writings

Spiritual Liberty and Sexual Freedom in the English Revolution

by Nigel Smith

Foreword by John Carey

The most comprehensive attempt to anthologise the key Ranter writings - bringing together some remarkable, visionary and unforgettable texts.
The Ranters - like the Levellers and the Diggers - were a group of religious libertarians who flourished during the English Civil War (1642-1651), a period of social and religious turmoil which saw, in the words of the historian Christopher Hill, 'the world turned upside down'.

A Collection of Ranter Writings is the most notable attempt to anthologise the key Ranter writings, bringing together some of the most remarkable, visionary and unforgettable texts. The subjects range from the limits to pleasure and divine right, to social justice and collective action.

The Ranters have intrigued and captivated generations of scholars and philosophers. This carefully curated collection will be of great interest to historians, philosophers and all those trying to understand past radical traditions.

Nigel Smith is William and Annie S. Paton Foundation Professor of Ancient and Modern Literature at Princeton University. His books include A Collection of Ranter Writings (Pluto, 2014), Andrew Marvell: The Chameleon (2010), and Is Milton better than Shakespeare? (2008).

John Carey is a British literary critic, and post-retirement emeritus Merton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford. He contributed the foreword to A Collection of Ranter Writings (Pluto, 2014).

'As a primer in the strangeness of radical thought during the period, as well as a wildly entertaining (if slightly crazed) read' - Times Literary Supplement 'Nigel Smith is to be congratulated for bringing these writings together for the first time in one volume' - History Today 'This splendid edition of Ranter writings covers the whole range of their politics and theology and shows the movement developing over time. Smith preserves the Ranters' highly distinctive spelling and orthography ... A fascinating and exhilarating read' - Edinburgh Review 'Admirable and lively' - The Tablet
Foreword to First Edition, 1983 by John Carey
Further Reading
1. Abiezer Coppe
Preface to 'John the Divine's Divinity' (1648)
'Some Sweet Sips, of some Spiritual Wine' (1649)
'An Additional and Preambular Hint' to Richard Coppin's 'Divine Teachings' (1649)
'A Fiery Flying Roll' and 'A Second Fiery Flying Roule' (1649)
Letter from Coppe to Salmon and Wyke (c. April-June 1650)
'Divine Fire-Works' (1657)
2. Laurence Clarkson
'A Single Eye All Light, No Darkness' (1650)
Letter from Clarkson to William Rawlinson (mid-July-Oct 1650)
From 'The Lost Sheep Found' (1660)
3. Joseph Salmon
'A Rout, A Rout' (1649)
Letter from Salmon to Thomas Webbe (3 April 1650)
'Heights in Depths' (1651)
4. Jacob Bauthumley
'The Light and Dark Sides of God' (1650)
Index of Biblical References
Published by Pluto Press in Apr 2014
Paperback ISBN: 9780745333601

170mm x 240mm