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Development Against Democracy - New Edition

Development Against Democracy - New Edition

Manipulating Political Change in the Third World

Irene L. Gendzier



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A classic, radical study of development via US foreign policy from the post-war period

This new, updated edition of the influential Development Against Democracy is a critical guide to postwar studies of modernisation and development. In the mid-twentieth century, models of development studies were products of postwar American policy. They focused on newly independent states in the Global South, aiming to assure their pro-Western orientation by promoting economic growth, political reform and liberal democracy. However, this prevented real democracy and radical change.

Today, projects of democracy have evolved in a radically different political environment that seems to have little in common with the postwar period. Development Against Democracy, however, testifies to a revealing continuity in foreign policy, including in justifications of 'humanitarian intervention' that echo those of counterinsurgency decades earlier in Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Irene L. Gendzier argues that the fundamental ideas on which theories of modernisation and development rest have been resurrected in contemporary policy and its theories, representing the continuity of postwar US foreign policy in a world permanently altered by globalisation and its multiple discontents, the proliferation of 'failed states,' the unprecedented exodus of refugees, and Washington's declaration of a permanent war against terrorism.

Irene L. Gendzier is Professor Emerita in the Department of Political Science at Boston University, an Affiliate in Research at Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University and a research affiliate of the MIT Center for International Studies. She is also the author of Dying to Forget (Columbia University Press, 2016), Notes From the Minefield (Columbia University Press, 2006) Development Against Democracy (Pluto, 2017); and co-editor of Crimes of War (Nation Books, 2006).

'Pathbreaking ... a major contribution' - Marilyn B. Young

'A landmark book' - Zachary Lockman

Foreword by Thomas Ferguson
Introduction by Robert Vitalis
1. The 'New Look' in Development Studies
2. Making Connections
3. Discourse on Development
4. Transparent Boundaries: From Policies to Studies of Political Development
5. Defining the Parameters of Discourse
6. The Academic Translation: Liberal Democratic Theory and Interpretations of Political Development
7. The Impossible Task of Theories of Political Development
Published by Pluto Press in Aug 2017
Paperback ISBN: 9780745337289
Hardcover ISBN: 9780745337296
eBook ISBN: 9781786801463

240 pages

150mm x 230mm