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Art after Money, Money after Art

Art after Money, Money after Art

Creative Strategies Against Financialization

by Max Haiven

What can we learn about capitalism by looking at artworks that take money as their subject?
We imagine that art and money are old enemies, but this myth actually reproduces a violent system of global capitalism and prevents us from imagining and building alternatives.

From the chaos unleashed by the 'imaginary' money in financial markets to the new forms of exploitation enabled by the 'creative economy' to the way art has become the plaything of the world's plutocrats, our era of financialization demands we question our romantic assumptions about art and money. By exploring the way contemporary artists engage with cash, debt and credit, Haiven identifies and assesses a range of creative strategies for mocking, sabotaging, exiting, decrypting and hacking capitalism today.

Written for artists, activists and scholars, this book makes an urgent call to unleash the power of the radical imagination by any media necessary.

Max Haiven is Research Chair in the Radical Imagination at Lakehead University, Canada. His books include Revenge CapitalismArt after Money, Money after ArtCrises of Imagination, Crises of Power and The Radical Imagination.

'Perhaps the most theoretically creative radical thinker of the moment' - – David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5000 Years (Melville House, 2014) 'Daring, brilliant, provocative. At last a radical critique of the crypto-approach and an abolitionist approach to the problem of money and art' - Franco Berardi, Philosopher, author of Futurability: The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility (Verso, 2017)

1. 3.5 Artistic Strategies To Envision Money’s Mediation
2. 6 Artists x 2 Crises x 3 Orders Of Reproduction
3. 0 Participation: Benign Pessimism, Tactical Parasitics and the Encrypted Common
4. ∞ Encryption: Art’s Crypt, Securitization in Numbers, Derivative Socialities
5. Conclusion: Toward Abolitionist Horizons
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Published by Pluto Press in Aug 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9780745338248
eBook ISBN: 9781786803191

135mm x 215mm

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