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Border Nation

Border Nation

A Story of Migration

Leah Cowan

Series: Outspoken by Pluto

Together, we can break down borders

Borders are more than geographical lines - they impact all our lives, whether it's the fallout from Brexit or the inhumanity of a detention centre. Border Nation shows how borders are violent, oppressive and must be resisted.

Debunking media myths that vilify migrants, Leah Cowan dives into the murky waters of corporate profiteering over borders from companies like G4S, and the exploitation of migrants through the shady rhetoric of modern slavery. She looks at what it is really like to be a migrant in the UK, and how detention and deportation damage the mental and physical health of the people who need support, not hostility.

As borders multiply, so too must campaigns of resistance. From 'Detained Voices' to acts of cross-border solidarity, people are fighting back to break down borders and standing up for everyone's right to belong.

Leah Cowan is the former Politics Editor at the award-winning magazine gal-dem. She works at Project 17, an advice centre which supports migrant families with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). She speaks on race, gender and migration, including for UN Women, in the House of Commons, and at the Trade Unions Congress, and has written for VICE, openDemocracy and the Guardian.

'Passionate and laser sharp, Cowan not only exposes how greed, racism and hypocrisy work over generations to wall people out of Britain but also gives us tools to dig tunnels under those walls' - Professor Bridget Anderson, Director of Migration Mobilities Bristol and Professor of Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship, University of Bristol

Introduction: Why Break Down Borders?
1. In the Shadow of the British Empire
2. Whitewashing and the Myth of the Migrant 'Outsider'
3. Why Should Migrants Contribute?
4. Building Borders Through Headlines and Column Inches
5. Everyday Borders and 'de facto' Border Guards
6. The Violence of Detention and Deportation
7. Big Business and the 'Profit Motive' for Borders
8. Borderlands of Resistance
Conclusion: Living Beyond Borders
Published by Pluto Press in Mar 2021
Paperback ISBN: 9780745341071

160 pages

129mm x 198mm