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Make Bosses Pay

Make Bosses Pay

Why we Need Unions

Eve Livingston

Series: Outspoken by Pluto

Think your union doesn't represent you? Then maybe it's time to change it.

With the world changing at breakneck speed and workers at the whim of apps, bad bosses and zero-hours contracts, why should we care about unions? Aren't they just for white-haired, middle-aged miners anyway?

The government constantly attacks unions, CEOs devote endless time and resources to undermining them, and many unions themselves are stuck in the past. Despite this, inspiring work is happening all the time, from fast food strikes and climate change campaigning to the modernisation of unions for the digital age. Speaking to academics, experts and grassroots organisers from TUC, UNISON, Acorn, IWGB and more, Eve Livingston explores how young workers are organising to demand fair workplaces, and reimagines what an inclusive union movement that represents us all might look like.

Working together can change the course of history, and our bosses know that. Yes, you need a union, but your union also needs you!

Eve Livingston is a freelance journalist specialising in social affairs, politics and inequalities. She has written for the Guardian, Independent, VICE, Dazed and many others, and has appeared on the BBC and ITV. She was shortlisted for the 2019 Orwell Prize for Exposing Britain's Social Evils for her writing on trade unions.

1. Why Unions?
2. Your Union isn’t Rubbish, it’s Disempowered
3. Resisting the Gig Economy
4. Beyond Equality and Diversity: the Case for Liberatory Unionism
5. HR are Not Your Friends
6. Transcending the Workplace
7. Power Up: Organising in the Digital Age
8. Reimagining Union Democracy
9. Organising Hospitality: a Toolkit for the Future
Conclusion: How Unions Change Our Lives
Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2021
Paperback ISBN: 9780745341620

144 pages

129mm x 198mm