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Workers of the Earth

Workers of the Earth

Labour, Ecology and Reproduction in the Age of Climate Change

by Stefania Barca

An ecofeminist perspective on today's global climate struggle

Capitalism is destroying our planet, but like most social progress in the last two centuries, ecological justice can only be achieved through working-class struggle.

In Workers of the Earth, Stefania Barca uncovers the environmental history and political ecology of labour to shed new light on the potentiality of workers as ecological subjects. Taking an ecofeminist approach, this ground-breaking book makes a unique contribution to the emerging field of environmental labour studies, expanding the category of labour to include waged and unwaged, industrial and meta-industrial workers.

Going beyond conventional categories of 'production' and 'reproduction' as separate spheres of human experience, Barca offers a fresh perspective on the place of labour in today's global climate struggle, reminding us that the fight against climate change is a fight against capitalism.

Stefania Barca is an environmental historian and a feminist political ecologist. She is the author of Forces of Reproduction: Notes for a Counter-Hegemonic Anthropocene and of Enclosing Water: Nature and Political Economy in a Mediterranean Valley, which was awarded the Turku Environmental History Book Prize.

'In a time of planetary crisis, ecofeminist political ecologist Stefania Barca offers a brilliant analysis of how the diverse strands of 21st century Left politics can deepen their mutual understanding and move forward in a unified struggle for Life on Earth.'

- Ariel Salleh, author of 'Ecofeminism as Politics'

'A vital contribution to making sense of the planetary proletariat and socialism in the web of life.'

- Jason W. Moore, author of 'Capitalism in the Web of Life'

'Stefania Barca's innovative reconceptualization of the relationship between labor and the environment provides an indispensable theoretical basis for creating a better place for all living beings on this planet.'

- Kohei Saito, author of 'Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto'

'Stefania Barca has given us the book that agents of a socially and ecologically just transformation need, connecting women workers in paid and unpaid care work, subsistence workers, indigenous workers, industrial workers, workers caring for human and non-human beings in her insightful analyses that allows Environmental Labour Studies to overcome the compartmentalisation of labour.'

- Nora Räthzel, Umeå University

Introduction: Labour in the Great Acceleration (1945 to present)

Part I – History
1. Labouring the Earth
2. Bread and Poison
3. Refusing 'Nuclear Housework'
4. Taking Care of the Amazon

Part II – Political Ecology
5. Greening the Job
6. Labour and the Ecological Crisis
7. The Labour(s) of Degrowth

Epilogue: Care Work in the Post-Carbon Transition


Published by Pluto Press in Jun 2024
Paperback ISBN: 9780745343877
eBook ISBN: 9780745343907

140mm x 216mm