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Environmental Warfare in Gaza

Environmental Warfare in Gaza

Colonial Violence and New Landscapes of Resistance

Israel is destroying both lives and livelihoods as it decimates the fertile lands of Palestine

The perimeter around the occupied Gaza Strip is formed by a sophisticated system of fences, forts and surveillance technologies. With each Israeli incursion, a military no-go area, or a 'buffer zone', is established along Gaza's 'borders', extending deep into Palestinian residential areas and farmlands— further compounding the Gaza Strip's isolation from the rest of Palestine.

Since 2014, the bulldozing of Palestinian lands by the Israeli occupation forces has been complemented by unannounced aerial spraying of military herbicides, extending the reach of Israeli violence into the realm of chemical warfare. Today, the spraying has destroyed entire swaths of arable land in Gaza, forcibly changing a once-lush Palestinian landscape, and providing the Israeli army with better visibility to fire at Palestinian targets with lethal force from a distance.

This book is a vivid document of this latest stage of Israeli warfare, including original maps, images and visualisations which deepen our understanding of its environmental and human impact. It collects new documents, original archival materials, stills of drone footage, first-hand testimonies of farmers, organisers and protesters, and documents affected vegetation in Gaza as 'silent witnesses' to Israeli settler-colonial violence.

1. Neo-Coloniality and the Reconfiguration of Biopolitical Landscapes in Israel/Palestine
2. Slow Violence: Settler Colonial Production of Gaza’s Eastern ‘Border’
3. Ecocide and The Disappearing Trees of Gaza
4. Excursus: The Beit Hanoun Gaza Citrus Export Company
5. Escalating Warfare: Israeli Aerial Herbicidal Spraying
6. Creative Resistance: The Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege
7. Fast Violence: The Israeli army as a ‘Learning Organization’

Published by Pluto Press in Feb 2024
Paperback ISBN: 9780745344577
eBook ISBN: 9780745344591

153mm x 234mm