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Settler Colonialism

Settler Colonialism

An Introduction

by Sai Englert

Series: FireWorks

An accessible introduction to the history and characteristics of settler colonialism

From the Palestinian struggle against Israeli Apartheid, to First Nations' mass campaigns against pipeline construction in North America, Indigenous peoples are at the forefront of some of the crucial struggles of our age. Rich with their unique histories, characteristics, and social relations, they are connected by the shared enemy they face: settler colonialism.

In this introduction, Sai Englert highlights the ways in which it has, and continues to shape our global economic and political order. From the rapacious accumulation of resources, land, and labour, through Indigenous dispossession and genocide, to the development of racism as a form of social control, settler colonialism is deeply connected to many of the social ills we continue to face today.

To understand settler colonialism as an ongoing process, is therefore also to start engaging with contemporary social movements and solidarity campaigns differently. It is to start seeing how distinct struggles for justice and liberation are intertwined.

Sai Englert is a lecturer at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. He works on settler colonialism, Zionism, labour movements, and antisemitism. He is a member of the editorial boards of Notes from Below and Historical Materialism.

‘A brilliant introduction to settler colonialism … Offers a practical politics that seeks to link indigenous struggles to struggles against capitalism as a whole.’

- ‘Red Pepper’

1. Settling the World
2. Indigenous Dispossession, Indigenous Resistance
3. The Birth of Race
4. Settler Class Struggle
5. Indigenous Resistance in the Present

Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2022
Paperback ISBN: 9780745344904
eBook ISBN: 9780745344980

129mm x 198mm

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