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Tangled in Terror

Tangled in Terror

Uprooting Islamophobia

by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

Series: Outspoken by Pluto

The roots of Islamophobia run deep and affect us all. We must resist it together.

'Lyrical and uncompromising - Suhaiymah writes to disrupt' - gal-dem

Islamophobia is everywhere. It is a narrative and history woven so deeply into our everyday lives that we don't even notice it – in our education, how we travel, our healthcare, legal system and at work. Behind the scenes it affects the most vulnerable, at the border and in prisons. Despite this, the conversation about Islamophobia is relegated to microaggressions and slurs.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan reveals how Islamophobia not only lives under the skin of those who it marks, but is an international political project designed to divide people in the name of security, in order to materially benefit global stakeholders. It can only be truly uprooted when we focus not on what it is but what it does.

Tangled in Terror shows that until the most marginalised Muslims are safe, nobody is safe.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan is a writer, poet, educator and activist, disrupting ideas of history, race, knowledge and violence. Her poetry performances based on her book Postcolonial Banter have millions of views online and she was the National Roundhouse Poetry Slam runner-up in 2017. Suhaiymah has written for the Guardian and gal-dem and her work has featured across radio and TV stations. She has been commissioned to write plays by The Royal Court and other theatres.

'Lyrical and uncompromising - Suhaiymah writes to disrupt'

- 'gal-dem'

'Essential food for thought in these tumultuous times' 

- Lowkey

'One of Britain’s most promising young voices’

- Priyamvada Gopal, author of ‘Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance & British Dissent’

'Unapologetically abolitionist, 'Tangled in Terror' resonates as a powerful act of refusal and resistance. It lays the foundations for a resistance that unequivocally demands an end to ALL forms of violence and ALL forms of racism, together'

- Helen Brewer, migrant justice activist, and a member of the Stansted 15

'Offers a rich account of the ways Islamophobia upholds systems of extraction, exploitation and domination, propelled by the urgency of our collective political predicament'

- Sita Balani, co-author of 'Empire's Endgame'

'A deeply insightful intervention on the ongoing entrenchment of white supremacy and islamophobia. 'Tangled in Terror' is a motivator, to understand, reflect, and take action in deliberate, radical and life-affirming ways'

- Cradle Community, an abolitionist collective

'This is the first time the breadth and depth of the Islamophobia we face has been collated in one place and analysed with such precision. It really feels like 'our' book'

- Moazzam Begg, a former prisoner at Guantánamo Bay, author of 'Enemy Combatant' and outreach director for CAGE

Introduction: Not what it is but what it does
1. A history of race-making: inventing 'the Muslim threat'
2. Never-ending pillaging in the name of International Security
3. Who is safer when the nation is secure?
4. Racist prediction as public duty: Prevent
5. Whose parallel lives? Which British values?
6. The revolution must be counter-extremist: Co-opting resistance
7. Compromising Islam for patriotism: A secular state? A Western Islam?
8. Destroying life and hoarding wealth in the name of border security
9. The feminist and queer-friendly West? The patriarchal Rest?
10. Islamophobia's Beneficiaries
Conclusion: A safe world on our own terms

Published by Pluto Press in Mar 2022
Paperback ISBN: 9780745345413
eBook ISBN: 9780745345437

192 pages

129mm x 198mm