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Marxian Economics

Marxian Economics

A New Japanese Tradition

by Hiroshi Onishi

A rare opportunity to delve into Japanese Marxist economics

The West has a lot to learn from Japanese Marxist economics, which brings concepts like surplus value, class, the exploitation of labour and commodification to neoclassical economics. This classic work, following in the footsteps of Nobuo Okishio, Michio Morishima and Kozo Uno, provides a historical perspective on political economy and labour exploitation using extensive mathematical modelling.

Suitable for students of economics, this is a new way to approach mainstream economics from a Marxist angle, and a a fresh perspective on historical materialism.

Hiroshi Onishi is Professor of Economics at Keio University in Japan, and a vice-chair of the World Association for Political Economy.

'The contribution of Japanese writers to the study of Marxist Political Economy remains underestimated in the Anglophone world … Among the important achievements of Japanese writers is the capacity to shed original light not only on the ‘pure economics’ of Marx’s thinking but on his Political Economy in the broadest sense. Hiroshi Onishi’s book is an invaluable addition to the canon which the late Makoto Itoh helped establish. It serves both as a textbook and as a historical introduction to the entire development of modern capitalist society from its pre-capitalist origins to the present day from a Historical Materialist perspective, which all scholars and researchers will welcome.  An indispensable read.'

- Alan Freeman, University of Manitoba


1. Human Being in Marxian Materialism: Human Beings, Nature, and Relations of Production
2. Capitalism as a Commodity Producing Society: Quantitative Character of Capitalistic Production, and Capital as Self-valorizing Value
3. Capitalism as the Industrial Society: Qualitative Character of Capitalistic Production, and Capital as Self-Valorizing Value
4. The Growth and Death of Capitalism: Accumulation Theory, A New Quality Created by Quantity
5. The Distribution of Produced Surplus Value among Industries and to Non-Productive Sectors
6. Pre-Capitalistic Economic Formations

Addendum I: Decentralized Market Model of the Marxian Optimal Growth Theory
Addendum II: Class-Dynamics Incorporated in the Marxian Optimal Growth Model
Addendum III: A Conversion of the Analytical Marxist Model to Labor Hire Model to Express the Historical Trend of Firm Size Disparity

Mathematical Appendix: How to Solve Dynamic Optimization Problems

Published by Pluto Press in Jul 2023
Paperback ISBN: 9780745347189
eBook ISBN: 9780745347202

320 pages

156mm x 234mm