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Many Struggles

Many Struggles

New Histories of African and Caribbean People in Britain

Edited by Hakim Adi

Explores the long history of Black people in Britain, with an emphasis on women, queer projects and political activism

'A wonderful showcase of the most exciting work happening in Black British History and a rousing call to action' Christienna Fryar, historian of Britain and the Caribbean

The history of African and Caribbean people in Britain is centuries long. Although integral to, and indivisible from 'British history', it is usually treated as a footnote - or forgotten altogether. But with the flourishing of the Black Lives Matter uprisings, and fierce debates around the legacies of colonialism, has come a renewed hunger for the recovery of this history.

Edited by leading historian Hakim Adi, Many Struggles includes contributions from an array of emerging historians and scholar-activists. Covering the sixteenth to the late twentieth centuries, the book reveals the long history of African and Caribbean people in Britain. Drawing on new archival research, Many Struggles emphasises often-neglected themes such as local histories, women, gender and political activism.

Hakim Adi was the first person of African heritage to be appointed a professor of history in Britain, and currently teaches at the University of Chichester. He is the author of numerous books including African and Caribbean People in Britain: A History, West Africans in Britain 1900-1960 and Pan-Africanism: A History. He has made numerous documentary film, television and radio appearances, and is included in the book 100 Great Black Britons.

'A forceful revolt against Eurocentric history and imperialist nostalgia, this sweeping collection illuminates the everyday lives and interconnected freedom struggles of generations of Black people in Britain, particularly Black women. An indispensable resource and gift to students, scholars and activists alike.'

- W. Chris Johnson, University of Toronto

'An extensive collection grounded in African and Caribbean historical agency over centuries. Contributors offer nuanced and probing narratives investigating the many issues (freedom and bondage, citizenship, migration, local activism, political Blackness, Black Power) animating Black British histories.'

- James Cantres, author of 'Blackening Britain: Caribbean Radicalism from Windrush to Decolonization'

'Unveils outstanding scholarship capturing the nature and dynamics of Black British History. A diverse and inclusive narrative that is not one-dimensional in understanding Black Diaspora community.'

- Dr Christopher Roy Zembe, History Department, De Montfort University

'A kaleidoscopic collection that is both a wonderful showcase of the most exciting work happening in Black British History right now and a rousing call to action. Essential reading!'

- Christienna Fryar, historian of Britain and the Caribbean

'An important collection that brings together new and established voices of Black History in Britain, spanning early modern to contemporary history, rural and urban Black lives, radical politics and Black feminist organising.'

- Dr Rochelle Rowe, Lecturer in Black British History, University of Edinburgh

'They can destroy our landing cards, but they’ll never erase our history! Packed with lucid, rigorous and ground-breaking new research, this collection will be essential reading for students and the general reader alike.'

- Kevin Searle, editorial board, History Matters

'Essential reading for anyone interested in learning about the lives of African and Caribbean people in Britain. A book that reflects a range of voices who are transforming the study of Britain’s Black histories.'

- Kennetta Hammond Perry, author of 'London is the Place For Me: Black Britons, Citizenship and the Politics of Race'

'This valuable book enriches our understanding of the contribution of African and Caribbean people across British cities and towns from the 17th century to contemporary times, as well as their transnational connections and commitments to the Caribbean and Africa.'

- Dr Ama Biney, lecturer in Black British history, University of Liverpool

About the contributors
Introduction by Hakim Adi
1. ‘A Diamond in the Dirt’: The Experiences of Anne Sancho in Eighteenth-Century London - Montaz Marché
2. Out in the English Countryside: Black People in Eighteenth-Century Warwickshire - Annabelle Gilmore
3. Chasing shadows: Conducting a regional Black history of Falmouth and Penryn during the Packet Boat Years of 1688 to 1850 - Kate Bernstock
4. ‘Comrade Algerine Sankoh of West Africa’ – Pan-Africanist and Britain’s first Black revolutionary socialist? - Christian Høgsbjerg
5. Dusé Mohamed Ali, the African Times and Orient Review and the British Government - Rey Bowen
6. Dark Lovers and Desdemonas: Gender, Race and Pan-Africanism in Britain, 1935-1945 - Theo Williams
7. A Luta Continua: The political journey of Manchester’s Black women activists, 1945-1980 - A.S. Francis
8. How West Indian students and migrants cooperated in fighting racialised injustices in Britain 1950s-1970s - Claudia Tomlinson
9. ‘The Black Power Desk’: The Response of the State to the British Black Power Movement - Perry Blankson
10. Black Power in Britain and the Caribbean: establishing connections, 1968-1973 - Elanor Kramer-Taylor
11. ‘The enemy in our midst’: Caribbean women and the protection of community in Leeds - Olivia Wyatt
12. Moving through Britain with Rastafari Women: Resistance & Unity in Babylon - Aleema Gray
13. The Black Parents’ Movement - Hannah Francis
14. Mollie Hunte: Educational Psychologist, Educator and Activist: What archival collections can tell us - Rebecca Adams
15. ‘Black Footprints’ – A trio of experiences - Zainab Abbas, Tony Soares, Ansel Wong

Published by Pluto Press in Jul 2023
Paperback ISBN: 9780745347653
eBook ISBN: 9780745347684

140mm x 216mm

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