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A World Without Racism

A World Without Racism

Building Antiracist Futures

Edited by Joshua Virasami

A groundbreaking collection from individuals and organisations at the forefront of transformative antiracist work

What is antiracist activism? And how do we organise for power around antiracist principles? In this groundbreaking collection, long-time activist Joshua Virasami gathers the voices of some of our most inspirational organisers, thinkers and collectives.

A World Without Racism offers a set of clear-eyed, radical and accessible principles and strategies for building working-class power through antiracist organising. The book features ten contributions from collectives such as Sisters Uncut, No More Exclusions, Tipping Point and Greater Manchester Tenants Union on subjects including: women's liberation, land and food struggles, healthcare and housing, culture, imperialism, policing, prisons and climate justice.

Challenging the harms of the racist establishment as well as the entrenchment of the liberal diversity-inclusion complex, this book carves out a much-needed space for the ideas of radical antiracists, putting the politics back into activism.

Joshua Virasami is an antiracist activist and organiser. He is the author of How to Change it: Make a Difference, a handbook for young activists, published with Stormzy and Penguin's #Merky Books. He has also written for the GuardianIndependent and Novara Media, and contributed a chapter on anti-racism to Futures of Socialism. He has been involved with many grassroots initiatives, including London Black Revolutionaries, Black Dissidents and Black Lives Matter UK, Climate Justice collective Wretched of the Earth, and is currently head of organising and training at the London Renters Union.

'This publication is a welcome addition to the literature that supports the movement for change. It gives much needed coherence to our understanding of the current anti racist struggles and their links to each other and the past. Importantly it is an example of a scholarly endeavour that has a practical application for activists. It is a weapon in the armoury in our fight for social justice and equality.'

- Leila Hassan Howe, editor, writer and anti-racism activist

'Reviving the fierce tradition of transnationalism and practices of global solidarity that were core to grassroots anti-racist movements in the 1970s & 1980s, A World Without Racism brings together key anti-racist scholars and organisers from a new generation to examine the operation of race and racism in our current political conjuncture. It exposes the productive tensions that can drive our political demands and formations, it invites us, to think again about what is to be done.'

- Lola Olufemi, author of Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power

'With the racism of poverty and state violence deepening relentlessly in Britain, new generations have responded, drawing on the legacies of their predecessors to create new forms of antiracist struggle. A World Without Racism is an essential guide to this work and the possible futures it beckons.'

- Arun Kundnani, author of What is Anti-Racism? And Why it Means Anti-Capitalism

'Forget the distractions of culture wars, cancelling and black and brown faces in high places. This is an antiracist communion towards revolutionary love – and it is what you need to read and keep close for the emergencies before us.'

- Gargi Bhattacharyya, author of The Futures of Racial Capitalism

'A rare snapshot of British anti-racism from the people and movements at the frontlines of radical struggle. A World Without Racism is an archive of the present - diagnosing problems, analysing strategies and proposing radical visions for the liberated future being built today'

- Adam Elliott-Cooper, author of Black Resistance to British Policing

Introduction: A World Without Racism - Joshua Virasami 
1. Transforming Education No More Exclusions
2. Monitoring, Non-reformist Reforms, Solidarity, Internationalism, and Abolitionist Dreams - the Northern Police Monitoring Project
3. Land as a Site of Antiracist Struggle - Land in Our Names
4. Weaving Together Internationalism and Global Solidarity in Britain - a roundtable with Akram Salhab, Asad Rehman, Elif Sarican, Martina Rodriquez and Mohammed Elnaeim
5. Solidarity Knows No Borders - Migrants Organise
6. Time Travelling: Organising for Antiracist Futures - Healing Justice London
7. Creative and Embodied Approaches to Antiracism - Voices that Shake
8. Building an Antiracist Tenants Union - Greater Manchester Tenants Union (GMTU)
9. Breaking the Cycle: Repairing Harms Through Climate Reparations - Tipping Point UK
10. Nothing to Lose But Our Chains - Sisters Uncut

Published by Pluto Press in Jul 2024
Paperback ISBN: 9780745348094
eBook ISBN: 9780745348100

129mm x 198mm