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Let Them Eat Crypto

Let Them Eat Crypto

The Blockchain Scam That's Ruining the World

by Peter Howson

A shocking exposé of the huge social, political and environmental costs of cryptocurrencies

The subject of immense hope, hype, and confusion, crypto has amassed countless headlines in recent years. With cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverse markets crashing, the underlying blockchain technology is still promised to solve global development challenges, whilst revolutionising every industry. But is the technology really a silver bullet?

Let Them Eat Crypto puts blockchain, cryptocurrency and 'Web3' under the microscope like never before.

Peter Howson cuts through the jargon and bluster to tell an alarming story of how right-wing libertarian crypto entrepreneurs - often aided by charities, politicians, and philanthropists - seek out and exploit conditions of poverty, oppression, corruption, and conflict. Their goal? A new front of 'crypto-colonial' extractivism. Let Them Eat Crypto reveals the alarming truth: far from 'banking the unbanked', saving the gorillas, or freeing people from oppressive governments, blockchain offers only false solutions, surveillance, and hi-tech snake oil.

Peter Howson is a technology writer, researcher, and Assistant Professor in International Development at Northumbria University, Newcastle. He investigates the green-washing, aid-washing, and crypto-shenanigans that go on in Silicon Valley, as well as the lesser-known tech-hubs of the Global South.

'A methodical and essential resource. Howson strikes not just at cryptocurrency, but the frauds who promote blockchain technology as a solution to any social problem - when they only exploit the vulnerable to pump their coins.'

- David Gerard, author of 'Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain'

'Surveys the geopolitics of cryptocurrency and blockchain .. Howson strikes not just at cryptocurrency but at the frauds who promote blockchain technology as a solution to any social problem'

- 'Foreign Policy'

1. Banking the Unbanked
2. The Crypto Colonists 
3. Green Wash Trading
4. Bad Samaritans
5. Bloke Chains 
6. For Betterverse or Metaworse 
7. A World Without Web3

Published by Pluto Press in Oct 2023
Paperback ISBN: 9780745348216
eBook ISBN: 9780745348230

129mm x 198mm

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