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Ghassan Kanafani

Ghassan Kanafani

Selected Political Writings

A collection of writings by a towering Palestinian literary and political icon

Ghassan Kanafani (1936 – 1972) is perhaps the greatest Palestinian novelist, whose books including Men in the Sun and Returning to Haifa documented the horrors of war and occupation. His literature was deeply inspired by his life as a political thinker, strategist and revolutionary. Here, his writings on theory and contemporary politics are collected for the first time.

From reflections on his readings of Marxist theory, to historical studies and blazing analyses of contemporary geopolitical developments, this collection shows a fascinating intellectual evolution and a commitment to the fight for liberation.

Containing new commentary from leading contemporary writers, this collection is a testament to Kanafani's continuing relevance. Like many of his peers, Kanafani was assassinated by agents of Israel, but the impact of his work remains a testament to the power of revolutionary Palestinian struggle and anti-Zionist Arab thought.

Introduction: The Revolutionary Journey of Ghassan Kanafani - Louis Brehony and Tahrir Hamdi
Part I. Revolutionary routes: Arab Nationalism and Socialism
1. On Childhood, Literature, Marxism, the Front and al-Hadaf (1972) - Introduction by Hania A. M. Nashef
2. Yemen and Iraq: One Story or Two? (1964) - Introduction by Patrick Higgins
3. Fares Fares: This is the Famous Professor (1965) - Introduction by As'ad AbuKhalil
Part II. War, Defeat and Revolutionary Critique
4. Resistance is the Essence (1967) - Introduction by Louis Brehony
5. Thoughts on Change and the 'Blind Language' (1968) - Introduction by Rabab Abdulhadi
6. Will the September Settlement Surprise Us? (1969) - Introduction by Louis Brehony
Part III. 'The Target.' Building the Marxist-Leninist Front
7. Excerpts from Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine (1969) - Introduction by Khaled Barakat
8. The Resistance and its Challenges: View of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (1970) - Introduction by Max Ajl
9. The Underlying Synthesis of the Revolution: Document on the Organisational Weapon (1971) - Introduction by Wissam Rafeedie
10. On the PFLP and the September Crisis (1971) - Introduction by Thomas Hofland
Part IV. Kanafani and the Media
11. "A conversation between the sword and the neck" (1970) - Introduction by Romana Rubeo
12. Denmark: A Study in Media Experience (1972) - Introduction by Ibrahim Aoude
13. Concerning the Case of Abu Hamidu: Issues of Media 'Exchange' with the Enemy (1972) - Introduction by Asma Hussain
Part V. Intifadas of Thought: Looking to the Future
14. The Secret Alliance Between Saudi Arabia and Israel (1970) - Introduction by Nafez Ghneim
15. Towards a Constructive Dialogue on Palestinian National Unity (1969) - Introduction by Tahrir Hamdi
16. The Armed Action Unit: In Light of Recent Developments (1969) - Introduction by Tahrir Hamdi
Appendix: Reflections on the Early Works of Ghassan Kanafani - Amira Silmi, Romana Rubeo, Ramzy Baroud and Malek Abisaab, Introduction by Louis Brehony

Published by Pluto Press in Oct 2024
Paperback ISBN: 9780745349374

140mm x 216mm