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Tyranny of the Moment

Tyranny of the Moment

Fast and Slow Time in the Information Age

by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

A study of the universal dilemma of the scarcity of time
The turn of the millennium is characterised by exponential growth in everything related to communication – from the internet and email to air traffic. Tyranny of the Moment deals with the most perplexing paradoxes of this new information age.

Who would have expected that apparently timesaving technology results in time being scarcer than ever? And has this seemingly limitless access to information led to confusion rather than enlightenment?

Eriksen argues that slow time – private periods where we are able to think and correspond without interruption – is now one of the most precious resources we have.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo and former President of the European Association of Social Anthropologists. He is the author of numerous classics of anthropology, including Small Places, Large Issues - 4th Edition (Pluto, 2015) and What is Anthropology? - 2nd Edition (Pluto, 2017).

'I found myself both charmed and challenged. The subject is an important one, and Thomas Hylland Eriksen handles it with style, a light touch, and many amiable provocations' - Todd Gitlin, Professor of Culture, Journalism and Sociology, New York University
Introduction: Mind the Gap!
2. Information Culture, Information Cult
3. The Time of the Book, the Clock and Money
4. Speed
5. Exponential Growth
6. Stacking
7. The Lego Brick Syndrome
8. The Pleasures of Slow Time
Published by Pluto Press in Aug 2001
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