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A Different Hunger

A Different Hunger

Writings on Black Resistance

by A. Sivanandan

A collection of Sivanandan's work charting the history of post war black struggles against British racism
This collection of A. Sivanandan's writings looks at the history of black struggles against British racism from the 1940s to the uprisings of Brixton and Toxteth in the 1980s.

A. Sivanandan (1928-2018) is regarded as one of the leading Black political thinkers in the UK. He was Director Emeritus of the Institute of Race Relations and the editor of the revered journal Race and Class. He is the author of countless classics, including Catching History on the Wing (Pluto, 2008) and A Different Hunger (Pluto, 1991). He contributed the foreword to A Suitable Enemy (Pluto, 2009).

'Few writers can claim to have approached so clearly the organic connection between analysis and practice, which is the hallmark of the political intellectual' - Stuart Hall 'One of the most exciting and controversial political thinkers in Britain' - Guardian
Introduction by Stuart Hall
1. From Resistance to Rebellion: Asian and Afro-Caribbean struggles in Britain
2. Black Power: The Politics of Existence
3. Huey Newton and the Black Renascence
4. The Passing of the King
5. Jonathan
6. Angela Davis
7. James Baldwin
8. The Colony of the Colonised
9. Paul Robeson
10. The Liberation of the Black Intellectual
11. Race, Class and the State
12. Grunwick
13. From Immigration Control to ‘Induced Repatriation’
14. Imperialism and Disorganic Development in the Silicon Age
15. Race, Class and Caste in South Africa
Published by Pluto Press in Mar 1991
Paperback ISBN: 9780861043712
eBook ISBN: 9781783718207

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