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Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Contemporary Themes and Challenges

Edited by Marwan Darweish and Carol Rank

Cutting-edge collection on global peacebuilding and reconciliation from members of the renowned UK Centre for Peace & Reconciliation Studies.
Peacebuilding and Reconciliation brings together a number of critical essays from members of the renowned Centre for Peace & Reconciliation Studies.

This highly topical book covers the latest developments and issues in the discipline of peacebuilding and reconciliation, using different global case studies of societies experiencing or emerging out of violent conflict. It brings together a range of scholars, including many from the global south, who provide fresh perspectives and insights based on their experience of living and working in conflict situations. The book connects theory and practice, drawing both on academic research and direct experience of conflict situations, and explores how to meet the challenges involved in peacebuilding and reconciliation.

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation is a cutting-edge collection ideal for students and academics in peace studies, development studies and international relations.

Marwan Darweish is Principal Lecturer in Peace Studies at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University. He has extensive experience in conflict transformation and peacebuilding across the Middle East region and internationally. He co-edited Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Contemporary themes and challenges (Pluto 2012) and is the co-author of Popular Protest in Palestine (Pluto, 2015).

Carol Rank is Associate Director and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies (CPRS) at Coventry University. She has extensive experience in conflict transformation and peace education. Most recently she has been involved in helping to establish peace studies programmes in East Africa.

'Fascinating, engaging with the detailed complexity and special features of conflict situations and attempts to build peace, and applying an extensive literature' - Gordon Burt, Chair of the Conflict Research Society 'Using case studies from countries like Canada, Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the authors share their experiences and articulate a range of issues which are central to conflict transformation and peace building' - Dr. Deusdedit R.K Nkurunziza, Makerere University, Uganda 'Combining direct personal experience with clear theoretical understanding in a range of practical examples, the authors of this book, many from the 'global south', seek to show how sustainable peace can best be promoted even in the most war-torn countries. They succeed admirably' - Professor Oliver Ramsbotham, Centre for Conflict Resolution, Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford
Introduction by Marwan Darweish and Carol Rank
Section 1: Peace, But What kind of Peace?
1. How has the ‘Liberal Peace’ served Afghanistan? by Chrissie Hirst
2. The Obstacles to Sustainable Peace and Democracy in Post-Independence Kosovo by Gëzim Visoka
3. Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflicts, and Secessionism in Ethiopian Politics by Bezawit Beyene
Section 2: Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past
4. State Failure and Civil Society Potential: Reconciliation in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Verity Mould
5. Remembering the Past and Reconciling for the Future: The Role of Indigenous Commemorative Practices in Sierra Leone by Steven Kaindaneh
6. Unsettling the Settler Within: Decolonisation as Reconciliation with regard to Residential Schools in Canada by Patricia Elgersma
Section 3: Identifying Opportunities for Peacebuilding
7. Is ‘Interreligious’ Synonymous with ‘Interfaith’? The Roles of Dialogue in Peacebuilding by Sarah Bernstein
8 Health and Violent Conflict: the Role of Health in Building Peace by Wossen Kifle
Section 4: Challenges to Peacebuilding and Reconciliation
9. The New Economy of Terror: Motivations and Driving Forces behind Contemporary Islamist Insurgencies by Peter Keay
10. The Question of Home: Refugees and Peace in the Israel/Palestine conflict by Abigail Bainbridge
11. Hamas: Between Militarism and Governance by Ibrahim Natil
12. Returning Home towards a New Future: Nepal's Reintegration Programme for Former Child Soldiers by Dilli Binadi
Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2012
eBook ISBN: 9781849647595

240 pages

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