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Which will you pick, the red team or the blue team? If you’re anything like us, probably neither!

As we enter one of the most depressing elections in living memory, the left mustn’t hide its head in the sand. The British people are under attack from the endless parade of Starmtroopers and the Eton Elites being parachuted into positions of power ahead of the election on July 4th. Understanding power, corruption and how the political establishment exploits us is key to the struggle ahead. These carefully selected books weigh in on some of the major issues that are likely to feature in this election campaign, from the Culture Wars to arming Israel, as well as strategies for us to overturn the Neoliberal consensus.

All included books 50% off until July 5th.

Please note, some of these books are available for pre-order only, and will be sent to you when they are published.