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Selected books from our BAME authors – 50% Off!


This sale is now over – but please feel free to browse our list of BAME author’s books below.


Publishing is so often ‘hideously middle class and white’. As an international, radical publisher, Pluto is actively working to counteract this industry-wide tendency. We are proud to have published giants of the BAME writing community, including bell hooks and Ambalavaner Sivanandan, and we are committed to seeking out BAME authors who may not have the connections or means to get their books into the hands of a publisher. This is the only way we can ensure our list is as international and diverse as it should be. We also champion first-time BAME authors, empowering them to get established and to launch their writing careers. Recent authors have included Lola OlufemiMargaret Stevens and David Austin, and we have developed our Black Studies list to include key theorists of Black Marxist literature, including Cedric J. Robinson and Andaiye.