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We write in this time of crisis to announce Red Letter, a new series with Pluto Books.

Red Letter provides a collaborative space to develop the work of intellectuals connected to political and social movements in North America and throughout the Global South. Inspired by Antonio Gramsci, we work with authors who are committed to advancing the struggles of the poor, working class, the unemployed, and the dispossessed. These, we believe, are the new intellectuals of our time.

Red Letter features innovative studies in the history of capitalism, imperialism, social movements, and social theory. Amidst a surging interest in socialism, our books are intended as resources for movement building, classroom use, and reference. Every Red Letter book is developed through a cooperative process based on mutual respect, rigorous critique, and collective research. We situate our work in relationship to longstanding intellectual traditions. We do so with an advisory board that features leading scholars of Black liberation, decolonization, feminism, anti-racism, and histories and theories of radicalism. Our shared goal is to center internationalism and class struggle in critical analysis. In these ways, we strive to provide a link between radical working-class movements and engaged scholarly production.

We launch Red Letter in a distinct historical moment. With the coronavirus pandemic the present order lurches headlong towards disaster and destruction. Neoliberal capitalism and U.S. imperial hegemony have been thrown into crisis. As liberal institutions are losing their legitimacy, a resurgent neo-fascism has also stepped into the breach. But these extraordinary disasters unfurl in a season of gnarled branches and budding fists. They expose the stark choices and possibilities before us: We can continue to cling to the empty promises of this decaying order, or we can look with clarity at the roots of the current impasse, and at the collective force we possess to chart pathways out of it.

Red Letter has been conceived as an intervention in this decisive moment in human history. We look forward to the Red Letter day when we escape the misery of this seemingly eternal present. In the meantime, we welcome intellectual work rooted in struggle and many future collaborations.

To submit a proposal, please read our guidelines and contact us at [email protected].

We’re proud to announce the the first two books in the series:

The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles by David Harvey

Futures Held Hostage: Confronting US Hybrid Wars and Sanctions in Venezuela, edited by Jordan T. Camp and Manu Karuka