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Image provided by Clifford HarperPluto Press is very pleased to announce an ongoing partnership with Haven Distribution, supplying free books to prisoners in the UK.

Haven is a charity that has been operating since 1996, which aims to help with prisoners’ self-education and resettlement. It seeks to encourage self-worth and raise self-esteem in inmates by providing a structured service, which will assist in the resettlement of the offender back into his or her community.

Pluto’s Marketing Manager, Emily Orford said: ‘We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Haven Distribution, a fantastic charity who allows us to donate books from across our list to prisons and prisoners throughout the UK. As a radical publisher, we have responsibilities to use our books in a way that aids intellectual, political social emancipation wherever possible.’

Lee Humphries, chair of Haven Distribution, said of the partnership: ‘We’re a very small charity, run by a handful of volunteers, so the support we get from partner publishers makes an enormous difference to us. We’re grateful to have established an ongoing partnership with Pluto, and we look forward to working with them to provide more UK prisoners with new and interesting books to read.’

The partnership follows last year’s high profile campaign against the Ministry of Justice’s new rules which banned people from sending books to prisoners. The ban was overturned in December last year when Mr Justice Collins declared it unlawful.


Read more about Haven Distribution’s work here.