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On 1st December, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (or AMLO) was inaugurated as the 58th President of Mexico.

A progressive politician often compared to Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, AMLO’s campaign for office galvanised people across Mexico. His decisive victory in July speaks volumes about the corrupt state of the Mexican political elite and the temperament of the people, and has potentially huge implications for the country, for the United States, and for the international progressive Left.

It remains to be seen, in the coming weeks and months, how much his presidency will mark a rupture, rather than a continuity, with the decline of the ‘pink tide’ in Latin America.

Discussing this moment of excitement and hope in Mexico, as well as the realities of the difficult road that lies ahead, we welcome onto the show John Holloway, author of Change the World Without Taking Power and Crack Capitalism among many other books; and Raquel Gutierrez, Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Puebla.

López Obrador’s new book, A New Hope for Mexico, was published by Pluto in October 2018.