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Amidst the global pandemic, war, environmental catastrophe, the cost of living crisis, and where victories for anti-capitalist forces are few and far between, it can feel like we are living in well and truly hopeless times. But as Marxist philosopher John Holloway argues in his new book, the times may indeed be hopeless, but we must still have hope.

Hope in Hopeless Times is the the final instalment in a trilogy which Holloway began 20 years ago with Change the World Without Taking Power, and which continued with Crack Capitalism. He joins us on the panel this month to discuss hope, identity politics, and the consequences of commodity exchange as a form of social relations. We also talk about COP27, the infamous Liz Truss mini-budget and the case for abolishing money altogether.

Hope in Hopeless Times, Change the World Without Taking Power and Crack Capitalism are all available to buy from Podcast listeners can get 50% off with the coupon PODCAST.