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Lifemaking versus Deathmaking: Policing versus Care

Thu, 18 Jun 2020, 3pm EDT /12pm PST / 8pm BST

Join a panel of activists and authors to discuss policing and care in the US today.

We’re excited to launch the first event as part of a new collaboration with Spectre and Pluto Press.

Why are the police equipped with state of the art life-killing equipment while our doctors and nurses are struggling to find life-saving tools? Why are police budgets such a huge part of city spending while public schools always have to do more with less?

Join our panel of excellent speakers to discuss the politics of Lifemaking and Deathmaking:

Tithi Bhattacharya, author of Social Reproduction Theory: ReMapping Class, Recentering Oppression and co-author of Feminism for the 99%

Sarah Jaffe, labour journalist and author of Necessary Trouble

Jesse Hagopian, Seattle teacher and Steering Committee member of Black Lives Matter at School and the editor of More Than A Score: The New Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing

Cathy Kennedy, Vice President of the National Nurses Union.

The discussion with be followed by a Q&A session from the audience.


Click the link below to register for the event.

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